Frank Peters & Range Patrol

Currently playing with Range Patrol for a couple of years now. Awesome bunch of guys. We do some covers of bands like the Mavericks, Dwight Yokum, etc. as well as a bunch of originals by myself and Lloyd Jackson. Great dance music and fun concerts.

Lloyd Jackson, Frank Peters, Dan Jackson, Rob Gilgan


The Swamp Rats

Big Mike & Frank

We have a duo act that plays around central Alberta once in a while. It's fun to get out and do some old time country and slough grass. We were both a part of the Bear Creek Ramblers but now we mostly just hang out by the creeks and watering holes to play!


The Bear Creek Ramblers; Mike Bunting, John Gorham, Alan Goddard and Frank Peters. We played a lot of dances, weddings and parties between Rimbey and Drayton Valley. Some of the Halls we played, Carnwood, The New Moose Hill Hall, Hoadley, Home Glen, The Rimbey Legion and Liberty. Also a wedding down at Hand Hills and a few others around the area. We were together from about 1985 to 1993 when most of us drifted away from the Rimbey/Winfield area. Lots of fun and we still get together sometimes for a reunion.


When I first mooved to Rimbey in '74, I played in a band called Leopard Gold. Doug Anderson on Drums, myself and I think a Fisher. Fun little band. I remember playing Leedale Hall and a couple other places. No picture but one of the guys looked like this!