Song Lyrics by Frank Peters and *Co-writers
(1) Wishing Well (2) Black Hat (3) Haida Gwaii (4) She Loves Vince *
(5) Habits (6) Affairs of the Heart (7) Bankers Wife (8) Dancing With the 'Widow Makers' Wife
(9) Angel Right Out of Control (10) Sorry Sight (11) Keep Your Mouth Shut (12) Hoot Owl
(13) Another Whatever * (14) Learning to Fly (15) Raining on the Sunny Side of Town * (16) Couple Inches Rain
(17) Play the Harp * (18) Girl Gone Wild * (19) Lookin' For a Lady (20) Perfume on My Jacket
(21) Waltzing Through My Mind (22) Where Am I Bound Tonight? (23) Wise as Right Now (24) Nothin' from Nothin'
(25) The Elevator Score (26) Tears Out On The Highway (27 Old Time Buckaroo

Hi, I've been writing since the early 70s. Some of these situations are true, some are fiction. Have a look. You may see someone you know, then again it may be you. Cheers

Copyright by Francis H Peters