Frank Peters & Range Patrol

We get a lot of questions about our Band pictures, especially the one of us standing in the middle of the road.

So, here's how it came about. Now you understand that the cops don't really patrol the country side in Alberta unless they get specific information. Well, me and the band like to keep an eye on things that is why you can find us sometimes standing in the middle of the road . So this one night after we had been playing at a country dance near Carnwood, we heard that a semi pulling a possum-belly would be sneaking around the back country looking to load up whatever cattle he could find. Now this picture, it is the last picture of a dash-cam from that semi. Because we are Range Patrol, we are invincible! The semi was crushed pretty bad but we all walked away from this wreck. We thought it would be fitting to have a nice picture and were able to rescue it from the dash cam.

So there you have it, we are pretty much indestructible and play great dance and listening music! Cheers!

Please Request Frank Peters & Range Patrol

and come out to listen but don't try to run us over!


Some folks wanted to see what happened to the semi. It was way too grusome. This is much better to look at. Reminds me of a Corb Lund song!


Band picture at River Cree Casino